Knxwledge - OvrMyne ft. Drake

Before I start this feature, I should probably point out that I don't like all. His auto tuned, jumped up, wheelchair jimmy pop flow bullshit, embodies pretty much everything that's wrong or should I say vacant from hip-hop these days....but I digress....
This ain't about Drake this is about Knxwledge one of the best damn producers i've ever come across, so damn good infact, that in the warm filters of 'OvrMyne' he even manages to make Drizzy's original verses from 'Over My Dead Body' sound decent, poetic even.
I should also point out, that while I think 'OvrMyne' is a stand out track, it's hardly the only, or even the newest, thing from Knxwledge. The man has been producing for years, with a Soundcloud full of tunes and quite a few EPs and LPs available via his Bandcamp.
His sound is blended, distorted, yet warm.....combining mash-ups, medleys, sampled rhymes, percussion and melodies both borrowed and original...all to create something pretty damn unique. It's hard to describe (so you best listen below) but it's raw talent and one that surely deserves some recognition.
Update: Knxwledge - OvrMyne ft. Drake FREE d/l link (low quality)