Amptek - The Way I Feel EP

When it comes to DnB releases, you really can't go wrong with Point Audio. These guys know talent and are constantly helping fresh artists get their work out there.
Artists like Amptek, who with his EP 'The Way I Feel' has created something truly epic. While the bpm may well linger around the 170 mark for the most part throughout the EP, Amptek hasn't just created some 'more of the same' Drum & Bass, instead what we get is an extremely emotional ride. His well produced and deeply meaningful tracks are laden with complexity and the kind of care and attention that separates the good from the great. By the time you've reached the rolling piano crescendo of the EP's final track, 'Summer Ending,' you'll be crying out for more.
High quality, yet cut down versions of the tracks are available for FREE via Soundcloud, but why not go ahead and grab the full release over at Bandcamp, it's only $4....a bargain in anyone's book.
Amptek "The way I feel" by Point Audio