Troy Gunner - Headlights EP

It's been a while since we've heard from Bath's Troy Gunner, but he's been hard at work on his latest three track EP 'Headlights' on fledgling London label The Crescent, after a departure from Manchester's Mindset.
We've talked about Troy's unique sound before and in 'Headlights' it's still hectic and complex, but perhaps more accessible than it's ever been before due to the movement of future garage artists out from the experimental fringes of music into the almost-yet-still-underground mainstream.
The title track comprises a familiarly fractured UKG beat, but with the snatched vocal samples and  intelligent percussion arrangement reminding the listener of kind of producing talent at work here. Troy is clearly at the top of his game, as meticulous in his approach of plunging the depths of music as ever. However the downtempo nature of all 3 tracks combined with a more minimal 'less is more approach' than previous offerings means that the tracks flow together almost seamlessly, creating a far less intrusive and cerebral experience for the listener.  Not to say that the EP is lacking depth and it certainly isn't afraid to explore and tread the fine musical line between euphoria and melancholy, its just that for better or worse the kind of introspective and subconscious layers offered in previous releases like 'Fools Gold' aren't there. Nevertheless on the club side of things there's plenty of weighty half time kicks and sub bass on offer to keep underground DJs more than happy, particularly in 'Elixir' which is becoming a bit of a favourite here at the HotBox.
The Headlights EP will be released on 12” and digital on July 23rd, so check the preview below and keep your eyes pealed for the full release....
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