Synthetic Epiphany - Survive EP

We've been waiting along time for this and now it's finally here. Ever since Synthetic Epiphany aka Marcus Levy-Chance started releasing his material via Soundcloud, this EP release has been eagerly anticipated, not that this is by any means his full release, but it may be his most accomplished and seasoned to date....and one that we have certainly been waiting for.
The 'Survive' EP is the culmination of that waiting, a collection of highly atmospheric and emotional tracks, arranged around 2step and half time rhythms. You might call it chillstep, burialstep or even future garage, either way this is easily some of the most beautiful and intelligent music that you'll hear this year. Each track is sonically unique in it's own delivery and message, yet they are able seamlessly blend together creating ambient and dreamlike soundscapes...this certainly the kind of EP you'll want to close your eyes to and experience all at once. The stand out track in this regard is 'Breathe' (170bpm edit), whose drum and bass energy sets it apart from the otherwise downtempo feel of the EP, however not in a jarring sense, but rather distinguishing the track as the climatic release of the energy that steadily builds throughout the EP.
The whole EP is available for FREE via Bandcamp as part of Synthetic Epiphany's 'Pay what you want' ethos, but don't make the mistake of taking this as his way of gauging the value of his music, rather this is an EP for everyone, those that can afford and those that can't. Nevertheless 'Survive' is  excellent release and a must download for electronic music fans, listen below and see for yourself.

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