Luvian - Only You

More and more artists are starting to blur the rigid boundaries of musical genres these days and Brighton's Luvian is one of such producers. There's a school of thought that argues that we don't need genres, and that such pigeonholing is restricting music. Nevertheless, for ease's sake I still feel compelled to describe Luvian's 'Only You' as following a kind of house rhythm, although with a very chilled out, almost coastal vibe with garage fixtures...regardless, this track is definitely one for the upcoming summer evenings and showcases a great deal of Luvian's percussive complexity and deep production style.
Although there's no word as of yet on the release of 'Only You', check out the track below as well as the rest of Luvian's Soundcloud for more excellent productions including a FREE remix of FREnchfire's 'Prime' available here.
Let's hope to be hearing more from Luvian soon.

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