Cally D - Fast Forward

Sometimes you come across a song so beautiful, it arrests you for a while, this song is a perfect example. As I sit here, not doing the work i've been putting off all-day, I am intoxicated by this warm, peaceful tune that second by second is curing my hangover.
The artist Cally D hails from London ends and has only been producing music since Feb '11, despite this he's already managed to make some of the best 'chillstep' i've ever heard. Luckily he's giving this track away for FREE, so I urge you to download and check out his soundcloud for more beautiful music

Fast forward [FREE] by Cally D

P.S the photo is one of mine, taken in Leeds just a few days ago. Summer might be over in the rest of the UK, but Leeds isnt giving up yet, not with epic skys like that.