Odd Future - The OF Tape Vol. 2

So the 'OF Tape Vol. 2' has been out a few days and the reaction positive, though lacking the shock factor of previous releases. But this is a good thing for OFWGKTA, the album itself represents a move away from filler tracks and shock factor for shock factors sake. Yes, we did receive the "Rella" and "NY (Ned Flander)" videos; two high budget 'look at us!' head turners for the fleeting hipster-hop fans of Odd Future, but ultimately this album goes back to what made the OF boys really stand out (if only really coming to fruition a few times on the album) tight unified collaborations on beats, aggressive verses and spontaneous videos.....all of which is summed up in the 10min long epic finale of the album, 'Oldie'.
'Oldie' doesn't need to be 10 minutes long and it doesn't need a lo-fi spontaneous video with members stumbling over their verses, but both these factors are as deliberate as the inclusion of every OFWGKTA, member, up to and including Hodgy Beats, Mike G and Frank Ocean, hell even Jasper Dolphinspits his debut verse.....it might border on overkill but it reminds us all not just how each member can stand alone on their individual skills, but how their collaborative nature is what made them worth watching in the first place.....and yes while Tyler the Creator still dominates this album as he has before, it's hardly a bad thing.....plus Earl Sweatshirt's return is much appreciated.
Check the video for 'Oldie' below and grab 'The OF Tape Vol. 2' available via iTunes

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