Usher - Climax (Figgy Remix)

Although the debate rages on here at The HotBox as to whether we are secret Usher fans or not (we obvs are) what we are clear on is our love of remixing RnB samples into dance tracks. This is where Figgy comes in.....
New England based Figgy has taken what many are calling 'that UK bass sound' over Stateside and made it his own through a number of remixes and original productions which blur the lines between 2step, House and Garage.
As with his multiple other productions, Figgy's remix of 'Climax' defies genre pigeon-holing to some extent, drawing on both House and Garagey rhythms to create something distinctly unique, and unique it  certainly is when heard in contrast to the original Diplo production. Figgy has taken a decent, if underwhelming, R&B track and turned it into a proper sneaker shuffler.....and best of all, he's giving it away for FREE.
Check out the track below, as well as his SoundCloud for more vibey tracks and FREE d/ls.

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