Chill Bump - Back To The Grain EP

Quality Hip-Hop is hard to come by, but we seem to be getting lucky lately here at The HotBox. French Duo Chill Bump have been around for a while, but are just starting to gain traction outside of France.
Production wise beatmaker Bankal's heavily sample-based beats are tight and bouncey and compliment MC Miscellaneous versatile flow and vocal delivery. According to the duo, 'Chill Bump is 100% DIY,' and their spontaneous, hands on approach really comes through in 'Back To The Grain', particularly in the stand out track 'It's Alive!'
The 6 track album is available at the duo's BandCamp for FREE or name your price.....can't argue with FREE...especially since the Chill Bump fellas believe 'real rap music ain't made under pressure'.....and anyone who quotes Gangstarr is alright by us.....the hip-hop resurrection continues

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