Cosmonaut Grechko - Youmi

It ain't easy trolling the internet for new (and importantly FREE) music, you tend to come across alot of generic, mediocre stuff.........However, every now and then you come across a diamond on the beach of this case Russia's Cosmonaut Grechko. aka Victor Klyuchnikov.
When it comes to uplifting lo-fi electro and nu disco sounds, this guy is second to none. Whether remixing, or creating something from scratch Cosmonaut Grechko seems capable of putting a smile on my face no matter what. His melodic style may not be the most versatile or genre defying, but it doesn't have to be....its uncomplicated, laid back and as cheery as it comes. If your waiting for summer to come, Cosmonaut Grechko might just help you reach it a little faster.
The track 'Youmi' reflects his melodic style brilliantly....while the first few seconds will test your patience with solid synth noise (almost as though he's tuning his instruments) after the brief build up you'll be rewarded with an almost euphoric melody....of course 'Youmi' hardly stands alone, I challenge anyone to go through the large catalogue of tunes on Cosmonaut Grechko's Soundcloud without breaking into a smile.
Check out 'Youmi' below and then swing by Soundcloud to check the rest of his stuff, the vast majority of which is available for FREE.

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