Spacecamp - Miko D.T.B

Some more disco indie/pop here, this time in the form of Spacecamp, a four piece band from Brooklyn. Spacecamp just recently released their debut EP "Alibi" on November 22, and have released this single “Miko D.T.B.”
The track has a spacey galactic, indie/disco vibe with David Bowie esque moments.

Band member Jon Wiley recently explained the meaning behind “Miko D.T.B.”:

“Lyrically, the song is about a boat captain who is running a shipment of guns and narcotics from Brazil to the Keys for export to the states. He is betrayed by his lover. His boat is boarded by a group of very good soccer players. They carry golden revolvers and fight valiantly for their heroine (not the drug), Sister Crystalline, also the Captain’s fraudulent bed-mate. Her actions are sanctified by the fact that she is the leader of an ancient-mystic-shamanistic-psychotropic religious society. Her motives are unclear, even to me. If only I had a few more hyphens I could probably figure it out. She probably means well, even though she behaved badly.” explanation like that is bound warrant some interest in their EP "Alibi". Nevertheless, these guys are definitely one to keep an eye on, check out their single below and download it for FREE from their bandcamp