Revenu - Meta / You See

Even with posts slowing down a little recently, I still insist on finding the time to help expose those young, unsigned talents that just shouldn't go ignored.
One such talent is Hull's Revenu, who recently got in touch to share his bouncy House roller, 'Meta'. He may only have 17 years to his name, but you wouldn't know it from this kind of high level production. 'Meta' is tight and crisp in all the right places with plenty of deep low end groove to satisfy the dancefloors. It's only his second rodeo and already this this kid has nailed it, and judging by his latest and third release, 'You See', he's got the consistency to be going place fast.
With powerful electro stabs and those oh so necessary classic House organ vibes, Revenu is already producing material broad enough to break out of the niche House scene and into more mainstream appeal.
Impressed? You should be, it's unbelievable that even while so young, he's already mastered those electronic production essentials. Now that he's got the formula down, I'm keen to see what kind of stuff will come out when starts pushing said formula to it's murky the meantime, be sure to check the tracks below and cop the FREE download's here and here.
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