Bonobo - Emkay (Morning High Remix)

Atlanta's Morning High always seems to stay true to his name, producing just the kind of musical highs that make it worth getting out of bed in the morning. Naturally his remix game is just as finely tuned, especially when taking as fine a canvas as Bonobo's 'Emkay'.
As you might expect, centre stage goes to Morning High's lovingly crafted percussive arrangement, whilst the fine string melody of original is stripped back to its most basic and yet most charming. Perhaps most importantly, the tempo's been brought done, giving the track a real 2step groove vibe, fleshed out with sub bass touches and that subtle chopped up vocal sample. The end product is a hard one to might say; it's like Flying Lotus and MJ Cole had a love child? Well maybe...You might wonder; is it Future Garage? Doesn't matter.....
What's important is that it's good..very good, so don't mess around and be sure to grab the FREE download here, while it lasts.
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